Corporate & small business website design , hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) and website marketing analysis services to clients in Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and all of Durham Region, Ontario.

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Website design and development for clients in Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville and other areas of Durham Region, Ontario.
Every page of a website is a "template". The template contains "tables" which are sized to contain images and/or text.
About 95% of the templates that you can purchase on the internet will appear about 6" wide. A laptop with a 15.6" monitor has about a 13" wide surface so using a stock template is leaving about 7" of a monitor viewing surface with no content.

Technically ... most stock templates are 640 pixels wide. This website is 1000 pixels wide. The maximum size for viewing on a 15.6" laptop monitor would be 1200 pixels. Anything wider would cause part of each page to be visible only by using a scrollbar at the bottom of the page.

About 95% of the websites that we build are built using templates that we purchase and take bits and peices from to create the look the client wants.
Templates include higher resolution images than you can usually save using your computer. The webpages built using template images are the clearest and most professional looking. The majority of templates we create are 900 - 1150 pixels wide. This gives the website owner plenty of area to include text and images relevant to the webpages.

Website templates contain really good quality sharp images. The images included with a template are usually in Photoshop "layered" format so we can extract any part of the image by duplicating the layer.

There are a few websites where we can buy photos ... and they are all of high resolution quality. The websites with the best images cost a little more but are worth every penny.

We can create the template that you need for your website based on the "look" of most templates that you can buy for less than $100.00 ... or we can create from scratch a template very similar to one that you liked the overall appearance of. Either way a template is needed for any website development.

The majority of website templates contain link-images as well so if you are considering having a template redesigned for your website look closely at all aspects of the template. Should you decide that a particular template that you find online is the one you want us to customize please buy the template and we will transfer the templates files to our computer using a memory stick. DO NOT TRY EMAILING THE TEMPLATE TO US. IT IS TOO LARGE A FILE TO EMAIL.

On most template websites will be the cost of buying the template file and the cost of having their company customize it for your usage. The "customized" cost is about the same as any website designer will charge you to do the same work ... but you will be able to communicate your ideas and wishes far clearer to a website designer than by emailing your thoughts to the company selling you the template. We generally sit with our clients and customize template images with them so we get it just right in the least amount of time.

Browse throught the websites that sell templates and keep some of the details above in mind.
Feel free to send us any website template webpage by email (
We can best discuss your thoughts and ideas when we can both see the template you are considering.

Obviously the cost of creating the "look" of your website cannot be determined until we see the "look" that you wish to have.
We have created many "templates" in just hours ... but too often we have spent days creating a template when the client changes their mind on exactly what they want

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