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The images that you see on any website are either created from scratch by graphic designers, found on a website, purchased from one of the companies that sell images on the internet or are copied from the images contained in website template Photoshop files that you can purchase online.
The toughest part of any website designers job is to create, find or copy the EXACT images that a client has in mind for their website. To reduce the overall cost of a website project we ask our clients to supply the images that they want on their various webpages. This takes the "guess-work" out of pleasing the client ... and reduces the time needed to complete a website thus saving the client money. When supplying us with images please remember that the size of an image can be reduced to fit webpage areas but the image size cannot be increased and maintain it's clarity.

We often work with corporate and small business clients to create the images they want to display on their website and can make the same images available for use on business cards, flyers and other printed materials and for their vehicles and company storefront signs.

You can use the graphic images that we create as logos ... the "branding image" ... for your company or business ... the image that people associate with your products & services when they see it.


Consider using photos and images that can be purchased inexpensively on the internet. These are very high resolution images and will look the best on your website. Also look at templates available online as they will contain high resolution images too.

Before you have "flash" images placed on any webpage ... consider that you may drastically reduce your website search engine results by doing so. Also the internet users with a "dial-up" or "lite" internet speed connection will not see flash images nearly as well as people with a normal "high speed" internet connection.
Flash images may look nice but they really aren't worth the expense. "Revolving images" don't affect search engine rankings and cost far less.

We can also create the images that you will want to use in your email marketing campaigns.

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