The quality of your overall website appearance is determined by the text and images that appear on the page displayed on a website visitors monitor. In the last few years the "resolution" of monitors has increased significantly from the monitors sold just 4 or 5 years ago.

A website created with a background "colour" is not as crisp looking as a website with a background "image".
Images can be "bevelled & embossed", they can be "shadowed", they can be more appealing because they were created using expensive image editing software. This will increase the time required to complete a website page and the overall cost of the website ... but the quality of the pages will be far superior to pages created without the use of professional image editing software.

"High resolution photo images" are available from several websites ... at a low cost per image.
Your website visitors using newer high resolution monitors will be more pleased viewing your website than websites that don't contain high resolution photo images.

Photos that you take yourself for use on your website should be taken with a digital camera set to store images in the highest resolution that the camera is capable of. Generally, a digital camera that costs under $200.00 won't create the same quality images that a more expensive digital camera will ...
and you may not be happy with those images on your website.

Websites created using a high resolution "template" look better than websites built using "build it yourself"
templates simply because those "free" templates are not high resolution ... and most were created over
10 years ago before todays high resolution monitors were available.

Websites that you visit yourself that "look" the best ... cost more than the sites that don't.
The time required to build the best looking websites is more ... but worth every dollar once completed.

The clients that have had us redesign their website all had the same complaint. They were not happy with the "look" of the website that they had someone else build or they built themselves at the cheapest possible cost.