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Every small business has to watch it's "expenses" to be profitable and survice. Clients willing to pay just a few extra dollars per year for the new style of CMS hosting accounts that we create for them will have reduced "website-expenses" for as long as they have their website by being able to edit the site themselves.

We now place this webpage in every new clients hosting account called "pageediting-html". ... and we email them a link to the page.
After editing their webpages just a few times they will not need to view this page again ... but they still have it if needed.

Below we will walk you through the process of accessing your website hosting account, editing the text on a page and changing the image on a page.
If you are wanting to see how to change the "image" on a webpage .... Click Here. The same link is at the bottom of this page as well.

To Start - Visit the homepage of your website and behind the "/" .... type "cpanel".

The hosting access window below will open.
Insert your username and password.

In the window that opens next click on "Site Admin Panel (cPanel)

On The cPanel page you will see that you can perform

email functions, access your files and edit webpages,

and view your website stats using "Webalizer".

We explain these functions in some depth

with new clients that arrange

for CMS hosting accounts.
In the "Files" section ... click "File Manager" to view the page below.
Click once on the page name that you want to edit ... and click "HTML Editor" seen underlined below.

When you see the first box below click "Edit" ... and in the next box you will see click "Yes".


We clicked on the "blackberry.html" page to edit in the next few images. The images are "screenshots" from our laptop.

We highlighted the text seen below ... except for the period so the new text will have the same characteristics as the text we are replacing.

Click "Backspace" or "Delete" to remove the highlighted text.

Read the text we inserted below on the right side.

If you like the changes that you have made

Click the "Save" button.

To cancel the changes to the page remains unchanged

Click the "Cancel" button.

To see how to change the image on a page ... Click Here.

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